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Mr Meat House Of Flesh Game Instructions

The zombie plague has come! No One Is safe. Your neighbor, the slaughterer, is undead and hungry of blood. He is soulless and simply needs to kill. Fresh Flesh and Blood. He has transformed into a killer and his home in a mix between a creepy mansion and a prison. This startling zombie, known as Mr. Meat, is a real executioner. A young woman is his next sacrificial lamb. She is trapped in this prison house. Oblivion is after her, your disturbing zombie neighbor will kill her...if nobody stop it. Your principle objective is rescue her and save her life! Key Features What you need to know before you start ? * The butcher can hear your moves, use this so you can hide and escape. If he see you, he will execute you! * Solve enigmas to defend the young womans life. * Enjoy astounding ambiental sounds and easy controls during your departure! Headphones are recommended for a full experience! Instruction Controls: W,A,S,D to Move F to Interact/Hide/Use Item G to Drop Item T to Unhide Left CTRL to Crouch Escape to Pause